“Everything I loved!”

General Impression

Overall Rating:    9 / 10

This trip was excellent - I found myself useful to both the young monks and the older monks. I was expecting a higher degree in English knowledge overall from Teachers and students, but overall it was easier to settle in than I had expected it to be.


Everything I loved !
I have no problem what soever. I find it easy eventhough traffic is sometimes challenging (air and noise pollution is very high) . I grew up in a major city (Paris) so it is probably easier for me to accommodate.
Climate, food, people, nature outside BKk, all are delightful to me !

Project & Staff

Excellent support form the local team. They are all very helpful and professional.
They are doing a fabulous job, professional with the kindness of their nature and of course with an indefectible smile !


More than just being a volonteer, when one expects to bring significant experience to his life, this is definitely an excellent way to add value and meaning and counter balance our European comfort. The little ceremony which concludes the program reveals the truth and sincere appreciation from the all team.