“the people are the best part of it.”

General Impression

Overall Rating:    7 / 10

Country was very special, even though the dirty environment. The people were the most kind people I have ever met, they take care of you like you are their family (which you are to them). The host family I lived in was friendly, but I did feel disrespected at times. I think this is due to cultural differences, but I shared it with the local team and they will try to improve the situation. The work I did was good. On the weekends we would al hang out in Thamel, Kathmandu which was a lot of fun.


Very special country, the people are the best part of it. They're extremely kind, welcoming and caring. The nature is beautiful, even though there is a lot of pollution.

Project & Staff

The local staff are very helpful. Every time I had a problem, I could turn to any of them and they would all try to help and check in with me afterwards. The induction they host when you arrive is very helpful. The exit interview shows that they are eager to improve and takes their volunteers' experiences very serious. They are professional and really try to make the best out of your experience. I liked the project I did, teaching women English and maths. It was clear what I had to do and I feel like I really contributed.


Prepare yourself on living in a host family. It might be a culture shock. Regarding placement, be open and honest about any problems you have. The way to make your experience the best is to ask for help and to communicate. For every problem there is a solution. And also communicate with other volunteers, making friends and hanging out with other volunteers is going to make your experience so much fun.